Artist Statement | Denver Artist

My art is like a journal. It explores my views of the social environment I’m in. My fears, my addictions, the very essence of who I am marks the surfaces which I splash on my colors. My art is often stemmed from an event of my life that gave me the fuel to create a reflection of myself and the human qualities that many relate to. Other times, I just like to do fun themes reflecting our pop culture and the figures who helped influence me, or whom I simply admired for their talent.

I’m a learner. Knowledge is my biggest vice, and since an image is worth a thousand words, I want to speak through my images I create. The messages in some of my pieces are sociological warnings of where our world seems to be heading portrayed in both light and dark themes. They seem encrypted in my surreal work to be discovered by those enlightend or who are awake and not those sleeping in the fluff of materialism and propaganda. I like to think that they are also journal entries for future generations can remember how the world once was, and some of the strangest people who helped shape it. They are my markings in a cave. I take from the surreal and the abstract and create a world out of a feeling.


from J. “eVol i” Vinazza’s



Highly Recommend
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  • Cunning Linguist
  • Sad Tiger Blind Mouse Wise Owl
  • Solfinis
  • Breaking Dead
  • Cereal Killers: Frankenberry

Prose and Poetry