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eVol i is the art moniker for award winning Writer/Filmmaker J. Vinazza. Born in Lima, Peru 1978, eVol i was barely 4 when he was brought to Queens, New York City. He immersed himself in art and creativity. From comic books to graffiti, his art matured into a blend of Urban Surrealism and Pop Art. Illustrations and Paintings that peek interest, send a message, and/or pay homage to pop culture icons that shaped our collective social consciousness.

As a filmmaker, he often draws inspiration from characters of his favorite movies. His interests, which often are referenced in his pieces, vary from Love, Spirituality, Theology, Mythology, Sexuality, and Politics. He often experiments with different mediums but is most comfortable with watercolors, inks, pencils and acrylics. He graduated in 2004 with a degree in Media Arts and Animation from Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Combining his eye for aesthetic and performance, he has earned numerous awards for his short films. He has had many exhibitions and performed live paintings in many venues/events in South Florida.


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2013 | rEVOLutIonART Festival @ ART BASEL Miami
2013 | Exhibition & Live Painting, Zombie Walk @ Revolutions Nightclub
2013 | Live Painting, Caturday Saturday @ Green Room Nightclub
2013 | Live Painting, Art of Bass @ Gasm
2013 | Solo Exhibition, “Insomniac Dreams” @ Jade Masters Art Gallery & Lounge
2013 | Live Painting, Kerowhacked @ Boynton Beach Art District
2013 | Exhibition & Installation, Love and Poison Show @ Greenroom Nightclub
2013 | Live Painting, Pee Wee’s Burleque Adventure @ Respectables
2012 | Exhibition & Live Painting, A Very Tarantino X-mas @ Greenroom Nightclub
2012 | Exhibition, Zombie Artwalk @ Greenroom Nightclub
2012 | Solo Exhibition, NOBE Art Walk @ J.E.W Media
2012 | Exhibition & Live Painting, Caturday Saturday @ Greenroom Nightclub
2012 | Exhibition & Live Painting, Gallery Saturdays @ Greenroom Nightclub
2012 | Live Painting, A Day in Kaos – An Official WMC Event @ Finnegans on the River
2010 | Solo Exhibition, Freaks Come out at Night @ Board Riders
2009 | Showcase, Auteur Explosion VI
2009 | Showcase, Auteur Explosion III
2008 | Showcase, Auteur Explosion I
Live Paintings at various events since 2004 Examiner.com, August 6, 2011[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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