In Time wounds heal but scars still remain
Like stains on white scarves.
Carved in deep, ’til you weep from the pain
Insane is the man who leaps off the ledge.
On the edge of existence, persistence to be pledged.
Thoughts become universal as they project through closed minds.
Reversal of the soul then injects resurrection.
Perception of perseverance gives clearance to the mind
To continue and adapt to the wounds in adherence with time.
So goes on the cycle.
All rivals await you arrival.
Antagonistic anarchists curse your survival.
Lovers tear you hear apart;
Eros’ arrows are now scarring darts,
Piercing through tough skin,
knocking you back to the start.
Friends become foes,source of all your woes.
Love them tender anyways.
Kill them with kindness blows.
Its tough though,these snakes bite slow.
Much like my insight ignites the night glow.
Wisdom of a sage, these words hide the rage caged in a maze.
Amazed you read this; my words imagery invokes wizardry like a mage.
Burn this page in a spiritual ritual,
let the angels visit you.
Possess you,
then accept life with these habitual visuals.
Read each line;
let our minds become in synch.
Linked for a spare moment
all thoughts that you think.
you are now on its brink.
Open up your mind and let your soul sink.