Candace Owens EXPOSED – The TRUTH Why White Lives Matter

South Florida Artist JAY EVOL EYE (eVol i) Deconstructs Candace Owens and Kanye West’s White Lives Matter Publicity Stunt by Reacting to her video “White Lives Matter | Ep 17”.

He breaks down her claims with humor and salient points , exposing the truth that she is a shill for Prager U and their Private Prison interests.

CHAPTERS 0:00 Preface 0:42 Opening Intro 0:52 Opening Statement 4:45 “Why Did You Wear A White Lives Matter T-Shirt” 5:08 Buy My Art – eVol i Art Promo 6:40 Candace ponders Why a T-Shirt “Broke The Internet” 9:40 What About The BLM Organization’s Corruption? 12:05 Candace Suggests George Floyd Deserved to Die 17:10 Candace Owens Has Breakfast With Ye 19:50 God made them wear a White Lives Matter Shirt 21:40 Ye’s New Spring Collection – God Hates F**s 22:50 Black Lives Don’t Matter Because They Commit Abortion 27:30 Candace Deflects: Forget Past Lynchings – 20 MIL Black Babies Are Being Murdered Now 31:25 The Candace Owens/Prager U to Private Prison Pipeline 44:00 Candace Deflects: What About The Fat Black Women? 44:30 Candace Deflects: What About Black On Black Crime? 46:00 Candace Deflects: What About Lyrics in Black Music? 51:30 Candace Owens is A Puppet 52:18 Black People Are The Most Murderous Group In America 55:56 TRUTH – Poverty is Linked to Crime – NOT RACE 58:15 Candace Claims: Black People Dont Care They Can’t Read 1:04:40 Candace Claims: Democrat States Have Poor Education 1:05:30 Candace Accidentally Admits White Supremacy Exists 1:06:00 Candace Deflects: The Problem is Black Music 1:07:30 If You Disagree with Candace then you are just a Bot 1:13:25 Candace Revises History – The N-Word Just Means You’re Ignorant 1:19:52 Candace Deflects: What About Lizzo Being Proud to Be Fat? 1:22:25 Candace Owens Petty Jab at Cardi B 1:25:20 Candace Owens: “I Dont Want To Be Part of Black Culture, I want to Destroy It” 1:28:35 Candace Owens: Black Culture Is Pushing To Keep Education Poor 1:32:10 Conclusion – eVol i’s Final Thoughts CREDITS: Created by J. Vinazza (eVol i)

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