falling out of love with you

why cant i help this?
this feeling of inevitable doom.
i try so hard to shake this
feelings so regrettable and unforgettable too.

I wish you would notice.
notice me falling fast away from you.
now its so hard to focus
blinded by the love lost in my thoughts of you.

And just across the horizon
within a fog watching the clouds at dusk with you,
I contemplate fading out
to black because the fact is the world is cruel

so i look beyond it
seeking solace from any malice in a golden rule
trying to be a hero
after being a such a villain, willing to try something new.

And I hope you appreciate
that God has probably punished me for what I did to you.
Funny thing about it is
my heart has been torn apart so my view is askew.

perhaps these notions are bogus
perhaps in a universe parallel none of it is true.
or perhaps in one kiss
such bliss would seem too abysmal for me to subdue

or even perhaps still
this uncertain future of ours will soon become unglued
but as I now write this
with a pensive pen, trying so hard to construe.

I hold back nothing
nothing left to hold but myself thanks to you.
my mind is a canvas
in it I painted a mural of acrylic for you

when it rains I’m dancing
watching the paint melt so I can start anew
but slowly I’m losing it,
these vented feelings have now sought refuge

but slowly I’m losing it,
my beauty is fading waiting for this to ensue
now i feel so ugly
hiding in a tower, powerless and in solitude,

because now I feel nothing
apathy is my friend as I fall out of love with you.
yes my dear,
I’m now falling out of love with you.

it’s sad but be glad
I’m finally falling out of love with you.

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