I’m so tired.
Tired of walking this road in a labyrinth of Daedalus,
each turn leads nowhere but back to the begining;
To the start in my heart.
I am sinning.
I am Icarus.

These wings of feathers and wax,
my only escape.
I wear them like a cape,
imagining myself now to be a superhero.
I fear no thought of death,
for this labyrinth is death.
I feel dead here, as much as the dead can feel.
These wings are taped to my back.
These wings of feathers and wax.

Too high and the Son
will burn my wings and melt the wax.
For I am no longer an angel,
as my wings have been clipped at birth
He feels this is blasphemy.
Too low and the ocean will swallow me
I wallow in my thoughts for a moment.

Sensing despair,
I care no longer of what is to come
I must fly.
Not too low and not too high.

I run and leap out of this maze
I weep with joy and I fly amazed.
I fly.
I soar.
How grand this moment is.

I’m high,
20 minutes past 4.
How grand this moment is.

I laugh at each turn,
higher and higher I go.
Until my feathers begin to burn.
Higher and Higher I continue to go.

The wax scorching my back
The pain becomes my pleasure
Higher and I Higher I continue to go.
Until I realize I have no wings.
I was flying without them.
But now reality has sunk in.
I am truly fucked.

I fall.

Gliding towards the grand sea.
Riding the clouds towards destiny
Laughing all the way,
for I was happy and free for a moment.
That is all that mattered.
Into the sea I go.
Still smiling.
Still happy.

I am swallowed whole.