Alex | Clockwork Orange Art

YEAR: 2012
SIZE: 24×36

MEDIUM: Acrylic
STYLE: Grunge Dark Fan Art | Portrait

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About Artwork

Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite films. I made this because I was upset that my original painting was stolen from Cinema Paradiso during one of my Auteur Explosion events.

Stolen in 2011 from Cinema Paradiso

When I made the new version I decided to go bigger and this time to utilize a wood backing of a broken frame. 


I did not use the previous painting as a reference. Probably for the best as I was more experimental with the background. However I do feel I got the proportions of the actor Malcolm McDowell’s face better the 1st time around. Still, I think the mood and angst of the character was improved in the 2nd version I created.

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