Anon Imis: A Satirical Tribute to Anonymous

Year: 2013
Size: 11×14
Medium: Watercolor and Ink
Style: Illustrative Contemporary Pop Art
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As an artist, I’ve always been intrigued by the power of satire, the act of taking a concept, turning it on its head, and using humor to make a statement. “Anon Imis” is my ode to satire and a tribute to the hacktivist group known as Anonymous. This watercolor and ink illustration takes a whimsical approach to a serious subject, challenging perceptions, and inviting viewers to look beyond the surface.

The Iconic Guy Fawkes Mask: A Symbol of Resistance

At the heart of “Anon Imis” stands a figure wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask. This mask has become synonymous with resistance, protest, and the idea that an individual’s identity is less important than the collective message they carry. It’s a symbol that has transcended its historical origins and now stands as a beacon of hope for those who believe in fighting for change.

Picking His Nose: A Playful Twist

The playful twist in this artwork is the figure’s choice to engage in the universal act of picking his nose. This simple, everyday gesture is relatable to all of us, and it brings the high-minded concept of activism down to earth. The humor lies in the juxtaposition of a symbol of rebellion with a mundane, human activity, highlighting the idea that even the most formidable movements are made up of ordinary people.

Silhouettes of Protesters: The Anonymous Collective

In the background, you’ll find the silhouettes of protesters holding signs with messages that are synonymous with Anonymous. “We are legion,” “We do not forget,” “We do not forgive,” and “Expect us” are phrases that have come to define the collective’s actions. These shadowy figures represent the faceless nature of online activism, where individuals come together under a common banner, driven by shared ideals rather than personal glory.

The Hacker with a Laptop: The Digital Vanguard

One silhouette portrays a hacker with a laptop. In the digital age, activism takes on new forms, and hacking can be a tool for both good and ill. By including this figure, I wanted to acknowledge the evolving nature of protest, which now extends to the digital realm. The hacker symbolizes the power of information, transparency, and the ability to challenge systems from within.

A Garbage Pail Kid Parody: A Playful Aesthetic

The choice to render “Anon Imis” in the style of a Garbage Pail Kid card adds another layer of satire. Garbage Pail Kids were notorious for taking everyday situations and injecting them with irreverence and humor. By adopting this aesthetic, I sought to bring down the lofty image of activism and reveal its relatable, human side.

A Personal Tribute to Anonymous: Beyond the Mask


My artwork often serves as a form of personal expression, and “Anon Imis” is no exception. As an artist, I admire the courage and tenacity of those who stand up for what they believe in. Anonymous, with its mysterious, mask-wearing members, represents the idea that individuals can come together to enact change and challenge the status quo.


The power of “Anon Imis” lies in its ability to draw viewers in with humor while inviting them to reflect on the nature of protest and resistance. It’s a reminder that behind the masks and symbols are ordinary people, each with their quirks and peculiarities. In the end, it is the collective will, shared values, and the desire for a more just world that unites them.


Anon Imis” is more than just an amusing depiction of a figure in a Guy Fawkes mask picking his nose. It’s a tribute to the spirit of activism, resistance, and the belief that even the most serious causes can benefit from a touch of satire. In a world where the stakes are high and the battles are many, the ability to find humor and humanity in our collective efforts can be a powerful motivator for change.


This artwork serves as a reminder that, at the core of every protest, every movement, and every resistance, there are individuals who are both passionate and fallible. “Anon Imis” stands as a testament to the idea that, even when facing the most formidable of challenges, a good laugh and a sense of shared humanity can be valuable allies in the pursuit of justice and change.

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