Birth of Music: A Surreal Serenade of Creation

Year: 2006
Size: 15×20
Medium: Watercolor, Markers, Pencils, Acylics, on Illustration Board
Style: Neo-Surrealism
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Creating art has always been a deeply personal journey for me, and “Birth of Music” marks a significant milestone in my exploration of the surreal. This painting delves into the intricacies of human existence, the creative process, and the birth of something beautiful. In the reflection of a bright yellow sunrise, the world is reborn, and music emerges as the ultimate creation.

An Ocean of Imagination: The Surreal Landscape

At the heart of “Birth of Music” is a landscape, or rather, a dreamscape. This land mass that emerges from the ocean is not just a geographical feature; it takes on the form of a woman’s body giving birth. The symbolism here is profound. It represents the birthing of creativity, the emergence of something new and extraordinary from the depths of the imagination.

The gap within the land mass, resembling the legs of the woman in labor, reveals an external womb. Inside this womb is a depiction of an alien baby. This alien represents music, the offspring of the creative process. The use of an otherworldly figure underscores the idea that music, like all art, is a product of the human imagination and a kind of otherworldly creation.

A Symphony of Angels: The Music Makers

Hovering in the sky above this surreal landscape are three angels, each playing a musical instrument. They form a celestial band, creating a harmonious symphony that complements the birth of music on Earth.

In the center, we have an angelic drummer who sets the rhythm, infusing energy and life into the music. To the right, a guitarist strums melodies that resonate through the sky. The left angel, a violinist, adds the soft, melodious tones that balance the composition. Together, they create an ensemble that captures the essence of music as a universal language and a form of artistic expression.

The Singer with Clipped Wings: The Struggle for Art

In the heart of the land mass, we find a solitary man, standing in front of a microphone and singing. This figure appears to have stumps where wings would have been, as if they were cruelly cut off. This aspect of the painting is particularly personal to me, as it represents the trials and tribulations that artists often face in their creative journeys.

The singer’s wings, or rather, the potential for creative flight, have been severed, leaving him grounded in the realm of earthly existence. This struggle is a common theme for artists, where the weight of the world can inhibit artistic expression.

The Creative Portal: A Passage to Creation

Beneath the singer, there is a large hole, seemingly connecting the singer to the underground. This hole is not a burden but a passage, symbolizing the connection between the artist and the source of creativity. Through this portal, the artist channels the divine muse, transforming it into music that resonates with others.

The microphone, an extension of the artist’s voice, is connected to a speaker/record player. This connection reflects the role of technology in the creation and dissemination of music. It also underscores the idea that music is a timeless and universal art form, with the ability to transcend boundaries and reach people across the world.

A Mountain of Nourishment: The Fountain of Inspiration

One of the mountains in the surreal landscape takes on the form of a breast. This breast symbolizes nourishment, both literal and metaphorical. The waterfall flowing from the breast represents inspiration, feeding the creative process. It reminds us that art and music are born from a deep well of inspiration, a source of nurturing for the soul.

Personal Reflections: The Creative Journey


“Birth of Music” embodies a range of personal reflections, illustrating the struggles and triumphs of the creative process. It encapsulates the universal human experience of striving to give birth to something new and beautiful. The painting speaks to the innate desire to create, express, and share our innermost thoughts, feelings, and inspirations with the world.


A Message of Creation and Connection


Ultimately, “Birth of Music” is an invitation to explore the depths of the creative process and the journey of artistic expression. It underscores the connection between the artist and the source of inspiration, the birth of new ideas and, in this case, the birth of music as a powerful and universal form of communication.


As a personal piece, this painting serves as a reminder of the struggles and joys that accompany the creative journey. It reminds me, and hopefully others, of the boundless potential that resides within us all, waiting to be expressed and shared with the world.

“Birth of Music” celebrates music as a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. It reminds us that creativity is a profoundly human endeavor, an expression of our desires, our emotions, and our capacity to transform the world through art.

Through the surreal, we confront the complexities of creation, the beauty of inspiration, and the triumph of artistic expression. It is my hope that “Birth of Music” will inspire others to embrace their own creative journeys, to explore the depths of their imaginations, and to give birth to something extraordinary.

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