Breaking Dead

Painted Live For 2012 Zombie Walk at Green Room. 

YEAR: 2012
SIZE: 16×20

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Wood
STYLE: Fan Art / Parody

About Artwork

I was asked to Paint Live on stage at the now defunct Green Room in Ft. Lauderdale. I had made a few zombie / horror themed pieces for the event. This was the year I also created the Cereal Killers series. 


I wish I can say I was clever with the concept but I’ve come to find out it was done by many artists. The fusion of Walking Dead and Breaking Bad just seemed like a No Brainer at the tme since both shows were at their peak on the AMC Channel. 

I wound up selling it one a collector. That night he wound up buying this and another Piece called “Come” 


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