Cunning Linguist: 1 Celebratory Exploration of Sensuality in Art

Year: 2013
Size: 16×20
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Style: Pop Art Subtle Eroticism

As an artist, I embarked on a creative journey with the painting “Cunning Linguist.” This piece is a celebration of sensuality and an attempt to deconstruct society’s view of taboo subjects, all while avoiding explicit content. The painting features a vibrant hot pink background that immediately captures attention.

At its heart, the artwork portrays a pair of inviting, red-hot lips. These lips are beautifully rendered, evoking a sense of allure and desire without any explicit imagery. The attention to detail in shaping the lips conveys the essence of sensuality in an elegant and tasteful manner.

Simply, I wanted to paint lips and a tongue. That lead me to the idea of also adding the hand to form the universal sign for cunnilingus. I used various source photos from the internet and painted it live during the Art of Bass.

The focal point of the painting is a delicate and playful tongue that emerges between two fingers, subtly forming a V-shape. This artistic representation is meant to symbolize society’s tendency to frame and judge matters of sensuality and human desire. The colors chosen for the artwork are deliberate, with hot pink representing passion and the vibrant energy that love and desire can evoke.

The title, “Cunning Linguist,” playfully plays on the word “cunnilingus” without being offensive. It is a clever way to challenge preconceived notions about explicitness and sensuality. The wordplay highlights the power of language and how it can shape our perception of intimate acts.

What makes “Cunning Linguist” especially unique is its unapologetic celebration of lesbian sensuality. It serves as a statement of acceptance and pride, portraying love between women in an authentic and unfiltered manner. In a world where queer love has often been marginalized, this artwork encourages understanding and respect for all forms of love and desire.

The reactions of viewers to this painting have been diverse and thought-provoking. Some are captivated by the beauty and sensuality depicted, while others appreciate the boldness in addressing societal taboos in a respectful manner. This artwork sparks conversations about censorship, societal norms, and the role of art in challenging conventions without causing offense.

In a world where discussions about human sensuality and intimacy are often constrained by societal norms, “Cunning Linguist” emerges as an artistic triumph. It is a celebration of love and desire, a tribute to authenticity, and an invitation to rethink the boundaries and taboos that society imposes on these aspects of our lives.

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