Eye In The Dreamscape: A Vivid Odyssey Through My Surreal Vision

Year: 2010
Size: 16×20
Medium: Mixed Media – Watercolor, Markers, Pencils, Acylics, on Illustration Board and Wood.
Style: Neo-Surrealism

Stepping into the realm of art is like embarking on a journey into the unknown, where creativity knows no bounds and the imagination reigns supreme. “Eye In The Dreamscape” is a vivid testament to this, a captivating foray into the surreal world, where a fluorescent vision takes shape, and art transcends conventional boundaries.

The Conception of “Eye In The Dreamscape”:


As an artist, I’ve often sought to challenge the confines of traditional mediums and embrace the fluidity of mixed media. “Eye In The Dreamscape” was conceived from the idea of blending diverse materials, creating an intricate visual dialogue that would captivate the observer. This intricate artwork emerged from the fusion of watercolor, markers, pencils, acrylics, and a canvas that transcended conventional boundaries—an illustration board and wood. The result was a piece that stands as a testament to the convergence of artistic mediums.


The central focus of “Eye In The Dreamscape” is a piercing eye, a timeless symbol that gazes intently at the world, as if overseeing the grand tapestry of existence. The eye’s intent observation is heightened by its ethereal surroundings—a dreamscape of brilliant hues and surreal imagery that stretches beyond the edges of the canvas.

The Atlas Paradox:


The eye, the sentinel of this dreamscape, is juxtaposed with the mythological figure of Atlas, who, in Greek mythology, bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. In “Eye In The Dreamscape,” Atlas transcends his terrestrial duty, standing tall on the skyscrapers of a surreal island within this dreamlike realm. It’s a paradoxical juxtaposition that challenges the boundaries of human existence, where Atlas presides not over the globe, but a vibrant, vibrant dreamscape. His presence represents the sheer potential of human imagination and the unrelenting spirit that defies boundaries.


The skyscrapers beneath Atlas’s feet, while representative of human constructs, are reframed in a surreal context. They evoke a sense of ethereal fragility, both connected and disconnected from the dreamscape, much like our own relationships with the world and our dreams. Atlas’s prominent role in this dreamscape reflects the strength of the human spirit and the power of imagination to reshape reality.

Medium as a Metaphor:


The transition between mediums is not merely a technical aspect of “Eye In The Dreamscape”; it’s a reflection of life’s inherent dualities. The use of different materials on illustration board and wood represents the idea that our reality is multifaceted. Just as the watercolor flows into the wood and the markers and acrylics coalesce on the board, life is a tapestry woven from numerous elements. It’s a metaphor for our lives—a blend of experiences, moments, emotions, and thoughts that converge to form the person we become.

My Personal Odyssey:


“Eye In The Dreamscape” holds a profound significance in my artistic journey. It’s an embodiment of my belief in the boundless potential of art and my willingness to tread uncharted waters. Creating this piece was a testament to my own transformation as an artist, a daring exploration into the surreal and the uncanny.


As I carefully blended the diverse elements, I couldn’t help but ponder the enigmatic interplay between the eye, Atlas, and the surreal dreamscape. In those moments of creation, I delved into the essence of human existence, our desires, and the infinite possibilities that exist within our minds.

The Fluidity of Art:


The beauty of art lies in its fluidity. It defies confinement and challenges our perceptions, inviting us to see the world in a new light. “Eye In The Dreamscape” is not a static image; it’s an ever-evolving story of the human spirit.


In the dreamscape it portrays, the eye gazes not as a passive observer, but as a reminder that we have the capacity to shape our reality, defy expectations, and chart our own course. It serves as an allegory for the strength of the human spirit, our ability to balance the weight of our own world, and the limitless potential of our imagination.


“Eye In The Dreamscape” is more than a painting; it’s a profound journey, a visual allegory that challenges the boundaries of art and human existence. It is a testament to the fluidity of creativity and the power of the imagination. It embodies the notion that, as artists and individuals, we have the capacity to transform our reality and venture into uncharted territory, shaping our destinies in the process. In my artistic odyssey, “Eye In The Dreamscape” stands as a vivid and mesmerizing milestone, inviting all who gaze upon it to explore the uncharted territories of human imagination.

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