Purring with Color: The Fat Cat Series and My Journey into Urban Abstract

Year: 2012
Size: 11×14
Medium: Stencil, Aerosol, Acrylic
Style: Urban Abstract
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The world of art is a vast canvas, and within it, I embarked on a colorful exploration of creativity and expression with my “Fat Cat Series.” These twin paintings, “Yellow Fat Cat” and “Purple Fat Cat,” marked my first foray into the exciting realm of street art. Using a combination of watercolor, acrylic splashes, and stenciled fluffy cats, these vibrant feline artworks became a personal ode to my love for cats and the dynamic world of street art.

Discovering Street Art:

As an artist, I’ve always been drawn to the pulsating energy of the street art movement. The urban landscape, adorned with vibrant colors, hidden messages, and stenciled characters, offered an intriguing platform for self-expression. With my “Fat Cat Series,” I wanted to infuse a touch of street art’s raw authenticity and visual impact into my work.

Street art, which has its roots in graffiti and mural painting, has been an evolving artistic force since the 20th century. Stencils have been an integral component of this movement, allowing artists to replicate their designs with precision and speed. The Fat Cat Series was my own take on this street art tradition, incorporating stencil work and the striking visual language of the urban landscape.

Cats in Art History:

The fascination with felines in art dates back to ancient civilizations. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to the intricate cat-shaped pottery of the Moche culture, cats have held a special place in the annals of art history. Their elegant and enigmatic demeanor has inspired artists through the ages. Whether depicted as protectors or symbols of mystery, cats have been a muse for countless creators.

In my Fat Cat Series, the cats take on a new dimension, breaking free from traditional portrayals. They become larger than life, embodying the spirit of street art itself. The bright colors and bold forms capture the essence of these beloved creatures while infusing them with a modern twist.

The Universal Love for Cats:

There’s something universal about our love for cats. These enigmatic and independent animals have an uncanny ability to captivate us with their playful antics, soothing purrs, and bewitching eyes. Whether as cherished pets or mystical symbols, cats have a unique ability to leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

In art, cats have been both subjects and symbols, transcending time and culture. From the playful kittens in Renoir’s “Julie Manet with Cat” to the mythical cat goddess Bastet in ancient Egyptian art, our feline friends have been cherished and revered. My “Fat Cat Series” is a continuation of this age-old artistic fascination, exploring the timeless allure of these charismatic creatures in a contemporary context.

The Thrall of Street Art:

Street art has a magnetic allure, drawing admirers from all walks of life. Its presence in the urban landscape transforms mundane surroundings into captivating visual experiences. Street artists, often working in anonymity, send messages and ignite conversations through their creations. People love street art because it challenges convention and brings art to the masses, embracing the unexpected and pushing boundaries.

My venture into the world of street art with the “Fat Cat Series” allowed me to experience this enchantment firsthand. It was a thrilling journey, where I embraced the street artist’s creed of subversion, self-expression, and the spirit of DIY culture. I created art that wasn’t confined to gallery walls but existed in the open, for anyone to encounter and appreciate.

Creating the Fat Cat Series:

The “Fat Cat Series” was a joyful departure from my traditional artistic expressions. These paintings were an exploration of bold colors, playful stencils, and the sheer delight of painting big, fluffy felines. The yellow and purple backgrounds served as vibrant canvases, providing the perfect backdrop for the stenciled cats to shine.

In “Yellow Fat Cat,” the feline figure stands out in stark contrast to the sunny background, exuding a sense of playful mischief. The acrylic splashes add an element of spontaneity, mirroring the spirited nature of street art itself.

In “Purple Fat Cat,” a regal and confident cat graces the canvas, blending seamlessly with the rich purple hues. The combination of watercolor and stenciled design allowed me to experiment with different artistic techniques and create a visual experience that was both familiar and unique.


The “Fat Cat Series” is a testament to my love for cats, my fascination with street art, and the universal appeal of both. These paintings reflect the timelessness of cats in art history, the intrigue of street art’s subversive spirit, and the way these elements can come together to create something fresh and exciting.

With each stroke, splash, and stencil, I ventured deeper into the heart of the street art movement. I discovered that art has the power to transcend boundaries and connect us in unexpected ways. The “Fat Cat Series” is a reminder that art can be both a personal expression and a communal experience, making it an enduring and captivating journey for artists and art lovers alike.

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