Shipwreck | Ocean Art

YEAR: 2012
SIZE: 16×20

MEDIUM: Acrylic
STYLE: Fauna Surrealism

About Artwork

Part of my Gas Mask Series. I began with the piece FK U British Petroleum and I wanted to expand the concept to a bigger scene. I am fascinated by Octopus. They are some of the smartest animals in the ocean. I wanted to the scene to be near a shipwreck an inference to the human footprint in the ocean. The gas mask provides commentary on human polution in the ocean. Some of the smaller fish are also equipped. 


I wound up selling it to a very nice creative couple in Ft Lauderdale. I was supposed to give them a quote to paint a camper but unfortunately life events prevented me to do so, however I was happy the piece found a great home. 


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