Sisyphus Conquers Love Mountain | Surreal Watercolor Painting

YEAR: 2004
SIZE: xx

MEDIUM: Watercolor, Inks and Pencils
STYLE: Surreal Illustration

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About Artwork

I painted this shortly after a break up. lol. One of my favorite greek myths is the story of Sisyphus who was punished by the gods to eternally push a boulder up a mountain just for it to fall down once again. 


Many can interpret this futile effort in different ways. I thought of it as an allegory for the pursuit of love. The pain and struggle to reach it’s climax only for love to eventually fall once again. Yet we are still compelled to try again. That Sisisyphus, who never stops his pursuit to attain the unattainable. 


In this piece Sisyphus lifts a boulder named “Eros” also known as the god of love up a mountain. But the mountain is amidst a roller coaster ride. I thought of it to represent the thrills of love and life.


At the bottom of the mountain there is an angel receiving a beam from  the heavens. The beam is God’s Love. It is the all encompassing love given to a being with the ability to fly but remains grounded.

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