The Beetlejuice

YEAR: 2013
SIZE: 16×20

MEDIUM: Watercolor and Inks on Illustration Board
STYLE: Illustrative Fan Art

About Artwork

I painted this during a watercolor session with one of my fave mentors and teachers Jonathan Hunt. When he said was gonna do a class I signed up. I can’t remember why I chose to do Beetlejuice, but it’s def one of my favorite characters.

This particular shot was used many times in Memes.

Sidenote: An Idea of mine was to make it even more trans-formative by re-creating memes with this image down the line. 

So I probably was inspired by the popularity of the meme and thought to use it as the subject for my lesson with Jonathan Hunt.

It was sold as I was street vending outside a bar on Hirshamee Street in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

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