The Enchanting World of “Evol Kitties Resin Series”

Year: 2020
Size: Various
Medium: Resin and Acrylic on Canvas
Style: Neo Abstract
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In the realm of art, there is an inexhaustible well of inspiration, a fount of creativity that springs from the depths of our imagination. This source never runs dry, always offering something new and exciting. For me, that boundless inspiration has found its expression in a series of small and enchanting paintings that I’ve lovingly named the “Evol Kitties Resin Series.”

From Resin to Art: The Birth of Kittens

The “Evol Resin Kitties Series” is a testament to the boundless creativity and the never-ending fascination that cats hold for many of us. It all begins with the delicate art of resin casting. I meticulously create kitten faces using various molds, each resulting in a unique feline masterpiece. Some molds give birth to kittens with a third, all-knowing center eye, while others give rise to little horned devils. I even have molds for kitten skulls, adding a touch of the macabre to the series.

What truly breathes life into these resin kitties is their individuality. Each one boasts its own distinct color palette, characteristics, and quirks, making them utterly unique. It’s as though they are each whispering their own stories, waiting for someone to listen.


A Canvas for Personality: The Unique Paintings


The “Evol Kitties Resin Series” doesn’t stop at resin kittens. I have taken these charming creations and given them an artistic stage upon which they can shine—the small canvases. Each canvas is not just a backdrop but an extension of the kitten’s personality.


In the spirit of keeping each piece in the series one-of-a-kind, I’ve made sure that each canvas is painted uniquely. These are not mere backgrounds; they are individual pieces of art that stand on their own. No two are alike, much like the kittens they support.

Exploring the Enchantment

At the heart of the “Evol Kitties Resin Series” is the enchantment of these mystical feline creatures. Cats have held a special place in human culture for centuries, often associated with mystery, magic, and a hint of the otherworldly. The kittens in this series embody this enigmatic charm and are a testament to the profound connection between humans and our feline friends.

The third eye in some of the kittens is an intriguing element. It adds an air of mysticism, suggesting an insight into hidden realms beyond the ordinary. The kittens with horns have a mischievous quality, evoking the playful nature of cats. And the kitten skulls offer a glimpse into the profound duality of life and death, a theme as old as art itself.

Making Art Accessible: The Beauty of Small Paintings

Art is not something reserved for a select few; it is a universal language that transcends boundaries. The “Evol Kitties Resin Series” is designed to make art accessible to all, regardless of background or experience. The small size of these paintings ensures that they are not only affordable but also collectible. Everyone has the chance to become a collector of these endearing kittens.

The charm of small paintings, like those in the “Evol Resin Kitties Series,” lies in their ability to create an intimate connection between the artist and the audience. Each piece is a testament to the shared fascination with these curious feline creatures.

A Deep Connection: Art and Emotion

Art is more than mere brushstrokes and colors on canvas. It is a reflection of the human experience, a glimpse into the emotions, thoughts, and stories that define us. In the “Evol Kitties Resin Series,” I’ve endeavored to capture the whimsy and magic that cats bring into our lives.

These kittens are not just resin and paint; they are living, breathing reflections of the feline spirit. They exude mystery, curiosity, and playfulness, elements that resonate with anyone who has shared their life with a cat. As an artist, it is my privilege to channel these emotions into each and every piece, allowing the viewer to connect with their inner cat lover.

The “Evol Kitties Resin Series”: A Never-Ending Journey

Art is a journey, an exploration of the boundless landscapes of human emotion. The “Evol Kitties Resin Series” is a testament to this ongoing journey. As I delve deeper into the world of feline mystique, I find new facets of their personality to explore.

This series is not static; it is a living, breathing entity that continues to evolve. Each new kitten face, each unique canvas, and each color palette is a brushstroke in the ever-expanding tapestry of the “Evol Kitties Resin Series.” The kittens may be small, but their impact is boundless.

Becoming a Part of the Story

Art has the power to move, inspire, and connect people across time and space. The “Evol Kitties Resin Series.” is an invitation to be a part of this enchanting narrative. Each kitten represents a story, a moment in time, and an emotion. They are waiting to find their forever home with a collector who understands and appreciates their charm.

The “Evol Kitties Resin Series.” is a testament to the enduring connection between art, emotions, and the human spirit. It’s a reminder that sometimes, even the smallest of paintings can carry the weight of profound emotion and the magic of enchantment.


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