The Worlds Biggest Secret

YEAR: 2006
SIZE: 15×20

MEDIUM: Mixed – Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Inks
STYLE: Neo Surrealism | Surreal Illustration


About Artwork

I created this piece after going down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. The references in the painting are made apparent once you read the books The Worlds Biggest Secret by David Icke and Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper. 


The painting depicts the Rothschild Building with an arm protruding its roof grasping and squeezing the earth of its blood. 


Liberty sets her crown down and throws her book which is vandalized with the V (from v for vendetta) as a calll of revolution.


The corner is the corner of a dollar bill with an owl perched as can be found on all of our $1 bills. Inside is the network of agencies that all work together implicitly towards the goal of monetary enslavement.

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