YEAR: 2014
SIZE: 28×24

MEDIUM: Acrylic & Aerosol
STYLE: Fantasy Surrealism

About Artwork

As a fan of psychedelics I wanted to paint a surreal scene looking into the life of the caterpillar in the book Alice in Wonderland. 

I threw in a little easter egg of the stencil from my “Fat Cat series” to represent the Cheshire Cat. 


The silouettes of The Mad Hatter, Rabbit and Mouse reveling in the beauty of a waterfall during a beautiful yet ominous Full Moon night. 


In the far distance is the Eye of Mordor of Lord of The Rings fame keeps watch.


And behind a tree is Alice, as if once lost in the woods now will encounter the caterpillar puffing on his hookah, sitting on a mushroom.

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