There is a black hole inside your soul much like there was in mine
but deep within this dimension of time there shines a light;
a star from deep within my mind
past, present and future is all one.
My world now – it all seems divine
for I am a starchild, my dear,
the universe i drink like wine.
she is so fine.

Slowly this eighth light of mine moves too far for you to see.
or is it perhaps that you are slowly moving away from me.

This black hole was once a living star that shined bright and free
and now it feels like a void,avoiding any chance for you to be
a living breathing star like me.

but soon like the phoenix from its ash,this black hole will be of the past
and a star will be born again, in the center of your soul.
And I hope this time it will last.
But think fast, my dear.

I will be watching from afar and within
such am I.
1 and All.
A Universe.
A Galaxy.
A star.
A sun.
A Planet.
A Moon.

I still question: what are you?
The Ghost of A Star, Skewed from my view