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Zombie Girl
16x20 Black and Glow In The Dark White on Canvas...
The Chockstrich: Chocobos Inspired Chicken Ostrich Fantasy Ink Fusion
15x20 Ink on Illustration Board
La Mujer en El Dia De Los Muertos
16x20 Acrylic on Glow In The Dark Canvas Artist: eVol...
Rocky Horror Picture Show | Dr Frank N Furter
Dr Frank N. Furter
16x20 Acrylic on Wood Framed Artist: eVol i (J. Vinazza)...
The Man From Hollywood
16x20 Acrylic on Canvas Artist: eVol i (J. Vinazza) Inspired...
Zombies Got You (Glow In The Dark)
16x20 Black and Glow In The Dark White on Canvas...
Garbage Pail Kids: A Non Imis
11x14 watercolor on paper, framed, ready to hang. Artist: eVol...
Bela Lugosi as Count Chocula
Cereal Killers Series 1: Count Chocula
11x14 stencil art on canvas (unframed) Artist: eVol i (J. Vinazza)
8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas Artist: eVol i (J. Vinazza)
Satanico Pandmonium
16x24 on Stretched Canvas, ready to hang. Artist: eVol i...
Sisyphus Conquers Love Mountain
11x14 mixed media on illustration board. Artist: eVol i (J....
Facial Deconstruction
16x20 acrylic on board matted frame, ready to hang. Artist: eVol...
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