Model: Stella Mae

Featured Painting: The Cycle of Birth and Death

Stella Mae is a 5’3 model from Tampa, Florida. She’s a little firecracker with a charming personality. We had a blast and quite an adventure for this shoot. 

Let me tell you the story…

It was the day of the shoot at my art studio in Boca with Zero Empty Spaces, a local company that helps lease work space for artists. We arrive around 6pm. Normally around this time, the other artists would be gone. I tend to work late night, being a vampire, creature of the night and all. 

However this night two artists were still there. We did our societal obligatory greetings and salutations, and proceeded towards my studio.

Stella seemed like my art. In fact she loved all the art in the studio. Her love for art is evident by the beautiful work that is done on the skin of her chest, thighs and ass.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” She asks, eager to get our shoot started. I tend to know what I am doing and didnt want her to do to much so I gave her the best assignment yet … 

“You can roll a blunt”

Her smile was amazing. 

I gave her the green and the blunt and she got to work.

I put on some music.

She rolled it up fast by the end of the song. 

“I kind of want a cigarette” she tells me.

“Well how about we smoke some of that blunt first.”


“No, we can’t here. Let’s go to my car.”

“Can I charge my phone here?” she asks.


We plug her phone in. I leave my phone still running the music. 

As we leave, only one artist remained and she seemed to be working on a piece, or perhaps that was just my memory. 

“We’ll be back” I perhaps mumbled or muttered not loud enough.

We go to my car and light up. She tells me about herself and how much she loves florida, admiring the beauty of dusk in the sky.

As I begin to walk back I noticed the artist studio had gone dark. I had left my car door open so I knew I didnt need to bring my keys with me.


The last artist had left and locked the door. 

Now we both stuck outside. No Phone. No Keys.

“Fuck!!!” I yell. I start to panic a bit but i settled fast.

“Ok let’s think about this”

“Let’s ask the sushi place.”

We go up to the host at Sushi Ray, which is next door to the studio.

“Bro, is there anyway I can use your phone to google a number?” I knew I had to get a hold of Zero Empty Spaces. I explained to him the predicament we were in. 

“No, I can’t” 

Can’t blame the distrust. Someone’s phone is like handing

I see the manager who I normally see and explain to him the sitatuation.

“Ask a security guard. They would have the keys.”

This was a great idea. We went to proceed towards the center of the plaza where we saw Valet. 

We explain to them our situation. Among them was a customer who kept pointing out that I was maskless. 

Dude. I am locked out of my fucking studio, I did not forsee the need for a mask being outside to smoke a cigarrette. I wanted to really let him know that, but I had no time to deal with idiots.

The valet guys got a hold of Security. Turns out Security does NOT have the keys. She was a cool security guard though. Despite us panicking at first she helped us deal with it and helped us get a hold of Zero Empty Spaces who in turn got a hold of the last artist to leave and come back to let us in. 

I felt bad she had to drive all the way back as soon as she just got home, but I am very appreciative. 

We lost two hours in the ordeal but we finally got through it.

I hope you enjoy this set of photos, knowing what we went through to bring it to you.